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Welcome to The American-French Genealogical Society Online Library Branch
This AFGS Online Library Branch is A Work in PROGRESS
AFGS Online Library Branch will take time to complete the different areas.
Our goal is to provide information online for our AFGS members.
The AFGS Online Library Branch will contain a collection of research information from our AFGS Library.
The information contained in the AFGS Online Library Branch will be listed here so that you will know what is available.
The AFGS online Library Branch Name and Goal

The AFGS Online Library Branch is an extension of the AFGS library that is located on the Internet and is called AFGS OLB. This AFGS OLB has a goal to provide select information to our members around the world. A number of items will not be available in this AFGS OLB due to copyright and other restrictions.

When new Items are available on this AFGS OLB they will be announced in the AFGS newsletter.

Important: If one of the webpages in this AFGS Online Library Branch directs you to a searchable database on our AFGS website for Headstone or Obituries the comment on those pages is no longer valid.
The searchable database page might say that the Headstone pictures or the Obituarys are only available at the AFGS library. This is no longer correct as they are now available on this AFGS Online Library Branch.
As a member of the American-French Genealogical Society you are now in the AFGS Online Library Branch section.
Special Links
You can now search old newspapers from about 1738 and display the newspaper for reading. You can also search every issue of all the newspapers with one search and you do not have to go to each paper. By typing in the Google Archive search box this will give all the results from the archive.
Example type "Joseph Beauregard" (with quotes) in the search box for search archive. This will search all the news papers and return all the Joseph Beauregard that are in all the newspapers.
I do not know how long this link will be active

Updated August 25, 2015

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